learning at home good/not good.

Learning from home is going good but I wish we could learn at school. The school is closed because of the Coronavirus so we can’t. But, I like school more than home because we don’t get to see our teachers and are friends we just get to sit at home and do work but I don’t wan’t to work at home I would rather work at school because I also get to see my friends.


Another reason it’s good is because when I’m home and when I get all my work done I don’t have to worry about anything and i can just play games because I already did all the work I needed to so I have all time I to play games until it’s dinner time.

dear grandmother.

Hi grandma! I miss you and I wish I could see you right but the stupid coronavirus is making it so we can’t witch is super stupid and I am keeping myself busy by doing work from my big packet I got from school.


I wish I could see you and give you a really big hug because that’s how much I miss you right now so I hope I will see you when this stupid coronavirus is done and I’ve also been keeping myself busy by cleaning my room for the desk my mom ordered me to work in my room so it’s more quiet.


when the stupid coronavirus is done I want to see you very much because I haven’t for a while well since you brought me my new bike witch I really like by the way and thank you very much for it I was hoping to get it and it’s been 2 weeks since I have seen you.

my opinion on our current situation.

my opinion on this current situation is that it’s really stupid how like because of the stupid coronavirus we have to stay home and a lot of places are closing and we can’t go to places we need to because every place is like closing so you can’t really go anywhere.

another one of my opinions is that the reason for working at home is stupid is because we don’t learn from anything theirs nothing to even learn about because were stuck at home not in school.

A Happy Memory I Have.

The happiest memory I’ve ever had was when I met my grandfather when I was born and he was one of the best family members I’ve ever had because he was always there for Me when I needed him.

Another one of my happiest memories is when my grandfather always did stuff with me like watching all the StarWars and all the Harry Potters and all the Avenger movies and all of them were really good.




The Most Important Person to Me.

The most important person to me is my mom because my mom is the one who has always been here for me my whole life unlike my dad. My mom was there for through every single tough time just like when my grandfather died when I was six years old.

When my grandfather died my mom was there for Me when he died and he died from a really bad sickness but I got over that a while ago. When I was 5 years old my mom was there for me when I split my nose open with glass and she helped me.

The last reason I think my moms the most important person to me is that she was there for me every time I got hurt. Like the time me and Kaleb were messing around and he had a board that had a nail in it and he accidentally hit me with it and now I have a scar on the chest from the nail.

the place that matters most to me.

The place that matters to me the most is school. The reason school is the most important to me is because we learn there not at home. When we go to school we can get a good job and there we always do work. But at home, we don’t learn anything because of there’s no work to do besides reading. But at school, we always learn and we get to actually do things but at home, we don’t learn we don’t get to listen to our teacher’s instructions.


Another reason I think school is the most important place to me is because that’s the only place I can learn and do the things I’m supposed to. The only place I can focus on what I’m supposed to do. But when I’m at home I can’t focus because of the tv we have because it’s pretty much on all the time and I could still hear it and it gets distracting.


The last reason I think school is the most important place to me is that when I’m at school I can actually do my work. But at home, I get distracted way to easy because there’s so much noise where I live but at school, there’s no sound at school. You can get a really good job from going to school.

going skiing on February brake 2/10/20 BY Riley Harmon

On February break me and my family are going skiing at Sugarloaf and I can’t wait because I really like skiing.  Last year was my first year and I’m already ok at it  but not that good. I still kind of have trouble getting up when I fall. Then I can’t get up when I do which is ok I guess. It still really annoys me because I can’t stand and it annoys me when I can’t stand on the ground.

The End


Decorateing big gingerbread men on Sunday 12/16/19

Yesterday, like 20 minutes after dinner, we started to decorate giant gingerbread men and it was really fun I made mine look like he had an infection on his eye which was a lollypop for some reason. The next thing I did to my gingerbread man was I put a tongue on him and it kinda fell backwards to the point where he was licking his eye. Then I put a chocolate Santa head in his hand and on the other hand I put a candy cane it his other hand so yea then I put a Hershey kiss on his right foot and on his left foot I put a Reese’s peanut butter cup. After me and my stepbrother finished our gingerbread men we just started to load them with icing and a lot of candy canes. after that, I ate part of mines leg and so did my stepbrother. Then after that, I got to stay up until 8:30 and at 8:30 I went to bed.


the snow day 12/9/19 BY Riley Harmon

On the snow day that happened on Tuesday, I went outside in the afternoon because Frankie and I went outside together. When we went outside I fell off my balcony and it made the bruise I already had a little bit bigger. But after that, me and Frankie just kept on playing around in the snow. After a little while me and Frankie went back inside for a little bit and went in Frankie’s room. Then we went back outside to play more and I fell off my balcony again then when I fell off my balcony I just got up and started to play in the snow and I had a lot of fun that Tuesday. 

The end